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Write! It's on the "tip" of my pencil!


Welcome to the "Wee Writers" Place! Writing with our youngest learners can be a challenge. I know! I was the classroom, trying everything I could to get my littlest friends to pick up the pencil and move it across the page. I hope to provide you with some ideas, tips and resources to make writing in your classroom a success!

What better way to begin the writing process with the youngest students than using the Six Traits of Writing (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions.) There are many resources available to us all, and I'll give you some of the BEST!  As a teacher myself, I have some great strategies to share with you.  I hope that you will come back often to check for new ideas, new methods, or simply "things that work" in your classroom.
Need a boost for your teaching staff?  I offer several workshops designed for the teachers of "Wee Writers" that are high energy and idea packed. Each workshop is streamlined and designed to "work" for you.  (You can read more details about them on my "Workshop" page.)
As the co-author of  The Wee Can Series, including the titles Wee Can Write, Wee Can Count, Wee Can Celebrate, Wee Can Travel, and Wee Can Write II previously  published by Education Northwest in Portland, Oregon, you are guaranteed a day that is loaded with ideas, thoughts, sharing, and activities to "hear today and use tomorrow" in your classroom. Our materials are now available through and Amazon.

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Carolyn McMahon
2795 Rossmere Street
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